Monday, April 16, 2007

How much is that doggy in the window?

I am not a dog person. I'll be the first to admit it. I make a wide arc around any dog on the sidewalk and loud barking really scares me, even if it is coming from behind a fence. I am justified in some of my fear, I was bit (mauled would be a better word-it sounds more dramatic) on the thigh when I was 11 or 12 by a German Shepherd-apparently, I haven't recovered emotionally. That said, we are going to look at a puppy today that we might adopt. What brought this on? Well, Zak grew up with dogs and wants one (although he would never press the issue knowing about my fears) and Jakson has decided that dogs are better than people. Maybe I shouldn't encourage this notion but he got a battery powered dog for Christmas from his great-grandma Vermillion and he hugs that thing at least 3 times a day. How often does he hug me? Only when sick or forced to. I think in the end we will be better off with a real dog than the electronic one because it will probably bark less (the current one is motion activated-it greets Zak every day as he walks in the door).
So, I have been reading about lots of different kinds of dogs and have found a couple that meet all of the qualifications. Doesn't shed, stays less than 10 pounds, doesn't smell bad, doesn't bark a lot, really mellow and good with kids, and is cute (that's so that I might actually like it). I know what you're thinking-maybe you should just stick with the electronic one, but I do want to try this out. Zak thinks it's funny that I am freaking out so much because he doesn't think it's that big of a deal to get a dog-but I've never had a dog before. Last night I kept waking him up and telling him different scenarios involving the dog and asking what we would do in the situation. He finally had to tell me to go to sleep :) We'll see what happens today-wish me luck-I may decide I really like the puppy. Tonight I may be worrying about a name to give it. I can't let Zak be in charge of that-he keeps wanting to name things Morgan so he can say "Top of the Morgan to ya"


Zak said...

I see nothing wrong with calling a dog Morgan and saying "Top of the Morgan to ya!" If that bugs you I could always say GutenMorgan! I can speak both German and Irish.

Marielle said...

If you haven't already bought a puppy, you should get a boston terrier. Look on our blog for pictures of ours. They are adorable, don't bark, stay really small (ours is 12 lbs) and really good with kids. The only problem is that ours snores at night. Good luck with your search!

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