Sunday, April 01, 2007


Jakson has had a whole series of firsts right in a row-but I guess that is what happens when you are a baby :) Recently, I gave him his first haircut. We were hoping that his hair would get curly when it got long (Zak's did as a kid), but apparently he has inherited stick straight hair from me, so off it went.
We also took him to a different park last weekend so he could swing for the first time. He loved it!!He has now taken his first and second steps, but he always does it at unpredictable times-his first step was taken at Zak's office, I didn't have my camera or the video camera handy. Thus, we have not been able to fully document this new talent.

Jakson had his first chore this week as well. I had him take all of the clothes out of the dryer for me. Unfortunately, he just dumped them on the floor instead of it in the basket, but it's a start.

And soon-only TWO weeks-it will be his first birthday!! It seems like he took his first breath just yesterday. Time flies!


Annie said...

Wow, his haircut looks great! Good job! He starting to get so cute. I mean, he was before but that haircut is really working for him. He's rockin' that 'do.

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