Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Enrichment Night

So, I've been asked to teach at this month's Enrichment Night-it's all about getting good deals. They really had to twist my arm to participate :) In order to provide the best info to the ladies of the ward, I've had to do some hands on shopping research. I had read online rumors of a Goodwill clearance center where everything is sold for insane prices and I wanted to find out if it was worth recommending to others. The results? Well, I'm not really sure-it was the craziest shopping experience I've ever had. The store was located behind a 15 foot high chain link fence topped in razor wire. Are they really that worried about the merchandise located inside? You drive through the gate onto a rocky dirt parking lot and after walking through the entrance, you are offered a utility sized trashcan in lieu of a cart. I declined, preferring to use my more sanitary stroller to pile things on. The clearance center basically consisted of a huge room and bins piled high with clothes-not in any particular order, but taken off of their hangers and dumped. I usually don't mind the digging that comes with thrift shop shopping, but this was literally digging! I picked through a couple of bins and found a few decent items, but it was almost too much for even me!! A shopper buys clothes in bulk-$1.79 a pound-have you ever heard of that? All in all, it was an experience, but I'm not going to refer first time thrift shoppers to the clearance center-way too scary!


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