Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dumb Dog why are you following me?

As requested:
The dog keeps pooping on my carpet. Not real happy about that. He is gimping around for some reason, but I think it's actually a blessing because I feel less like throwing him out the window cause he looks so pitiful when he walks. Just in case you wondering how I am dealing with the whole "cleanliness" thing, I keep a bunch of wipies handy so that I can wipe him off after he goes outside to go to the bathroom :)
Don't worry, I wasn't planning on killing the dog with the dinner knife after taking the picture, I was merely using it to compare the size.

Zak, Jakson, and Scout


Annie said... the name. How TKAMB of you.
Why is everyone getting these cute little puppies? And why don't I have one? I'm so jealous.

Katie Brown said...

with all this dog talk, i had a dream that i put a post on my blog about the virtues of cats vs. dogs, which is weird, because i'm not really an animal person in any shape or form. but the dog is cute. good luck with the pooping on the carpet.

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