Monday, March 05, 2007

Ultimate Stupidity

I listen to talk radio. I know that's totally nerdy, but I got hooked on it while driving to and from Utah and Texas with my dad-after awhile the Native American radio stations you pick up get annoying, so we'd switch it over to AM and have something to listen to. I understand that I am not always getting a balanced view of politics and current events (conservative), but I also watch the news (liberal), so I try to balance the two and make my own conclusions. There are some things though that are indisputably stupid, not matter your political preference, and this is one of them.
The navy uses dolphins to monitor the waters around the Washington navel base-they attach an unobstrusive, small camera to them and release them into the waters surrounding the base for a couple of hours each day, then place them back into a heated tank. I think this is an ingenious to protect the submarines, etc. that are kept there. In order to protest the use of dolphins (which, by the way, they imported from Southern California oceans), groups of women have gotten together to knit the dolphins' sweaters, mittens, and scarves. That's right, they are knitting for the dolphins because they are afraid that they will get cold. Man, if I had that kind of time to waste......And, just out of curiosity, how do dolphins wear mittens?


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