Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oh, the drama.

I wasn't able to see last night's American Idol show because we were out shopping for a big boy car seat for Jakson! And today, he took his first step-we sort of tricked him into it, but still!! We are very excited!
Unfortunately, we missed this unforgettable performance by Sanjaya, the Idol kept on by the website I wonder if he realizes that he is still in the running for the top Idol because he is the worst-Zak thinks he should kick himself off. He's not terrible terrible, I mean Paula Abdul did have a record contract, but he is definately the worst singer still left in the top 10. It's funny to read what people have to say about this weirdo-there are some REALLY strong feelings about him. A group of AI fans in the Northeast are starving themselves until he gets kicked off-this is the most important issue in their lives? This is the agenda they choose to support with starvation? The best quote I found about the situation is as follows: "Blogger and sitcom writer Ken Levine lamented, 'Sanjaya is now just humiliating himself every week. This is like when people dress up their dogs.'
Amen to that.


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