Friday, February 16, 2007

Bookworm Family

We have been reading books to Jakson since the day he was born. He has about 50 picture books in his room and is surrounded by bookcases full of books in all of the other rooms, so we hoped that he would like to read. I think that the constant exposure to books has already paid off because he seems to really like them. Jak is at that stage where EVERYTHING goes into his mouth, he even does disgusting things like drinks the water off of the door of the dishwasher when it is open, but he never puts books into his mouth! I take that as a sign of respect for the blessedness of books, although it could be that he tasted enough while I wasn't looking to know they aren't too yummy. Unfortunately, he's not reading by himself yet :) Right now he mostly likes to open and shut them, but he will often go into his bedroom and play with the books, turning them over and looking at the pictures. If I teach him nothing more, I will have succeeded in my mission :)

His favorite book is "10 Favorite Things About my Dad" (the one he's reading upside down in the picture) He'll even turn the pages when you ask him to!

By the way, in case you were wondering, I was one of the those nerds in junior high who read a book while walking down the hall in between classes. I don't remember ever running into anyone (or anything), but then I was so immersed in my book that I probably wouldn't have noticed anyway. That is my dream for Jakson :)


Annie said...

Yah, I hope my kids are nerds too.

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