Monday, February 12, 2007

Revised by Popular Demand

I had some questions about the books I posted, so this is an entry to add to the previous one. If you hated the blog entry about books, don't read this'll hate it too.

The Thirteenth Tale-Adult
Life story of a fictional author who has lied about her past during interviews all of her life. Finally decides she wants to tell the real story before she dies-full of mystery and twists. Very different from other plots I've read, which is why I enjoyed it so much. You should read this book!!!! I cannot stress that enough :)

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer-sorry not going to summarize this, you can find it in the non-fiction section of the library/bookstore. Tracy Hogg also has one for toddlers, and one that I am currently reading called, the Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems-doubt it will really solve ALL of my problems, will she be able to make me skinny for instance? but, I find them very helpful with my incredibly Spirited baby.

Uglies-Teen Fiction
Really anything by Scott Westerfield is good-very strange, but good. They are kind of science fiction/fantasy.
This particular trilogy is about a society that is divided into Pretties and Uglies-when you turn 13 (I think) you have plastic surgery and become a Pretty and get to move to Pretty Town. The two societies don't interact at all, the Uglies got to school and learn, while the Pretties party all the time and act dumb. Some rebellious Uglies try to change the way the society works and that's pretty much what the three books are about. Another book that I recently read by him is called Peeps-it's sort of about vampires, not normally my thing, but it's subtle enough that I still really enjoyed that-there is a sequel that I will be reading soon (have it from the library) called The Last Days.

A Respectable Trade-Adult historical fiction
Another author that I really love, but there always parts that I have to skip in her books. I guess because so much of history (especially when it comes to people like Henry the Eighth) revolves around sex. She usually takes obscure historical moments or people and writes about them. This one is about the Cole family and their rise in society with the slave trade and eventual ruin. I understand there is also a Masterpiece Theatre movie based on the book, but I have not seen it. I also read Virgin Earth (about John Transcendent who falls in love with a Native American woman) and the Boleyn Inheritance (about Jane Boleyn-Anne Boleyn's sister-in-law, Catherine Howard, and Anne of Cleves) recently which were also very very good.

Educating Esme-non-fiction
A first year teacher documents her life as an inner city educator. Very funny! She also wrote Sahara Special, which is fabulous!! It's juvenile fiction loosely based on some of her experiences with students, about a girl who feels she has no value and is encouraged to follow her dreams by her teacher.

School Story-juv. fiction
Natalie is in elementary school and loves to write. She writes a "school story" and wants to get it published. This is a great read aloud-anything by Andrew Clements is. Frindle is the best book by this author and if I was going to read to a younger kid, I would read Frindle first.

Peter and the Shadow Thieves-juvenile or young adult fiction
Sequel to Peter and the Starcatchers. Both are prequels to the story of Peter Pan by Barrie. Really good-full of action. These would also be fun books to read to children because they are already familiar with the characters, like Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, and of course Peter, the only downside is that they are very long, would take many nights to get through it as a read aloud.

The Good Earth-Adult
I think most people read this in high school, but I did not and while Zak said that he wouldn't ever read it again because he hated it in high school (that is the problem with reading books like this in high school, but that is a whole different soap box for a different day), I LOVED IT! Takes place in China-follows a family through struggles. Explores a man's priorities and values and well as selfishness, greed and family honor. Since I didn't have to write any papers about it, I had a good time reading it as a book, without having to anayze the content.

Break with Charity-Young Adult historical fiction
Another author I couldn't live without. She too takes a different perspective on many history events and writes novels about them. A Break with Charity is about the Salem Witch Trials from the perspective of Sarah English, one of the girls who lived in Salem during the time of the trials. Recently, I also read Wolf By the Ears, about Thomas Jefferson's illegitimate children by one of his slaves-interesting.

Devil Wears Prada-Adult
Not the most well-written book in the world, but a fun easy read. Much different than the movie-you hate Miranda a lot more and Andrea's a lot more small townish. Fun read!

Well, there you have it, more details. I've thought about posting an entry about books once a month or so, in case anyone is interested in what I have been reading. We'll see if I get around to it-you know, cause my life is oh so busy.


Audra Bollard said...

Thanks Bethy! I liked both blog entries and I think it's interesting to see what people read--plus I need ideas for my trip/book club. I'll let you know what I think if I find time to read some.

Annie said...

Thirteenth Tale sounds really good. I was expecting it to be about another prepubescent boy like, slaying dragons with his mind on the day he turns 13 or something. (Another Harry Potter knock-off? No thanks. The real deal is about as much of the fantasy genre I can take, no offense HP.) So yah, thanks for those summaries. See my comment on Aud's blog for my list - I put a bunch on there if you need another book.

bethany said...

Should I be offended at how little faith you have in my taste of literature? :)

Katie Brown said...

i was hoping a respectable trade was about prostitution :)....

Melissa said...

I love your reviews, keep it up! You should have a blog just on books you read, good and bad.

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