Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Never Thought I'd Say This

We went to Utah this past weekend to visit the Vermillions. Every time I go back, I am reminded of all of the things that I miss about Utah. I really like a lot of things about living in Phoenix, but I remember with fondness the life I left behind. Some of my favorite things about Utah County:
1. The little house that we first lived in-bigger than the house we live in now, for half the mortgage payment-I'd be able to have a play room, a huge backyard, and a peach tree! I also love our neighborhood-Brookside. It was the kind of neighborhood you want to raise your kids in.

Our first house-98 A Street

2. Robert's Craft Store-I still haven't found a better place to find scrapbooking stuff and they always have those 40% coupons you can grab at the door!
3. Robert's Craft Outlet-only open a couple of times a month, but awesome deals. Coincidently, also the reason that Jakson was born early-I walked this store for about 2 hours after being on bedrest for a week and went into labor the next morning.
4. BYU Campus-I would go back in a second! I think it's fun to walk through campus and tell Zak where I used to meet up with old boyfriends :) Really, it's interesting to see all of the new buildings that have gone up since I graduated. Maybe someday I'll go back and get a Master's there-sigh.
5. The Provo Library-I always feel a sort of reverence in libraries, but this library is super nice and they let you borrow movies for free :) (In Springville you have to pay 25 cents per movie) Shaky fist to the Provo Library for not letting me borrow books anymore when we moved to Springville.
6. In college I never thought there were any good eating establishments, but after living there for awhile, found some local places that I totally miss. Ottavio's, India Garden, Cafe Rio, Brick Oven, Kneaders, and Beto's are among my favorites.
7. Reagan Academy-my school. I miss everything about this place, the teachers, the kids (well, not ALL of them), the fact that every day was different, my position as a reading specialist, my principal, grading and indecipherable papers, managing a class, books lining my walls, saying the Pledge every day, the idiot things kids say, reading aloud to a class, having a daily schedule written on the board, having kids listen to me and follow directions (doesn't happen now)
8. Memories-I have turned into my parents with this one-look there's where dad and I went on our first date (a mexican restaurant in Orem), there's Northwoods 6 (they have red doors now BTW), there's Condo Row where all my guys friends lived, that's Courtside where I lived with Kit, there's where we got married (Timpanogas Temple), there's where dad proposed (the parking lot by the Smith Fieldhouse-don't be jealous), there's where you were born
9. Seasons and grass and snow in moderation
10. Being near family-it's fun to be able to go over and hang out with them, or better yet-free babysitting!
11. Macey's-I have never found a better, cheaper grocery store and it's like everyone that works there is hopped up on happiness-they are so friendly and smiley. Not only that, but it's fun to listen to the people around you talk about the talks on Sunday, or going to the temple, or how they got married after knowing someone for 3 days.
12. I gained a special place in my heart for Comedy Sportz when Zak was working there. We got in for free and I think we went one night every weekend for awhile. I love the jokes about Utah County and Mormons that you will never hear anywhere else. I've never laughed so hard as I did at some of those performances.
13. Easy access to a temple (or three).
14. The wedding ring and cheesy Mormon movie billboards that line the 1-15. Much different from the billboards here in Vegas.
15. Muse Music-I spent a good portion of two years in this place-supporting a band called Quiver (you know who you are :))-where I learned to love the local music scene.
I'm sure that when we eventually move from Arizona, I'll feel the same way about Phoenix, but I think one of the biggest differences is that my life changed drastically while living in Utah. I grew up while in college, graduated, taught school, got married, bought our first house, and had our first child. I also had more drama and made closer friends in Utah than I think I have ever, or will ever have again. Thankfully, I will always be able to visit and keep up the friendships wherever I go. And I will be one of those annoying parents and point out all of the old landmarks to my kids-one day they may love the same things about Utah Valley.


Katie Brown said...

beth, i never thought i'd say it either, but after living in baltimore i started missing provo,too.

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