Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gym- Gymboree

For some reason the name Gymboree always reminds me of Mary Poppins and the chimney sweeps.
Being in Las Vegas has driven me to join a Gymboree nearby-it's actually not that bad of a deal 'cause we get to go four times a week and Jakson releases a lot of energy and then comes home and crashes for about 3 hours. It's worth the money for those fabulous naps. We have a class with a teacher once a week and then we get to go for free play the other three times. Jakson isn't really into the structured class because he can't climb during it, but it's good for him to socialize with other little ones. During free play, the other mothers are always making comments like, "Wow, he is so busy." I think that is the teacher way of saying-"Your kid is psycho." I used to have to write comments on the kids' report cards and I would write things like, "Ben has an enormous amount of energy"-meaning he hangs upside down in his chair during instruction and picks his nose a lot. So, I know how subtle slanders go-did you know that they actually make workbooks for teachers containing these types of comments? It's a teacher secret-look for those kinds of remarks of your kids report cards-you'll know what they really mean.

Zak says he looks like he has Popeye arms.


Annie said...

Fun for Jak! Hey, I like your new template. Very shnazzy.

Audra Bollard said...

I think I'm in for a lifetime of "he's so active" report cards and teacher conferences. Boys will be boys--I have yet to meet very many calm ones, even if they started out that way as infants. Glad you're having fun at Gymboree. Hopefully you can hit the clearance rack while you're there too!

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