Thursday, November 16, 2006

Screamin' Deals

People always ask me, "Beth how do you find such great deals?" I can't very well say, "Because I'm awesome" or "That's a good question. Probably because I'm a genius", instead I tell them that I have nothing else to do except look for free things on the internet. Not only is this a lie, it also makes me sound like an incredible loser. They most likely already had preconceived notions about my social status based on the fact that my home looks like it fell out of the latest Enrichment night and I taught elementary school (although I did not wear denim dresses with little apples embroidered on it, despite what you may think, I have better taste than I did when I was twelve-you have to admit the Blossom hat was rad!). It's in my blood to try and find good deals. My mother loves to find good deals and I was raised with the "thrill of the chase."
Anyway, so I have set up a blog where I divulge my many secrets to all of you-my lucky lucky friends. And even those of you that think there will never be anything on there that would interest you, I will try to prove you wrong. So shop on friends! Shop on!
Here it is THE LINK:

Oh and for those of you who really don't care about any of this and just want a picture of Jakson, here is something for you. Jakson eating a fence at Zak's work softball game-something else I hope he grows out of before puberty-eating fences.


Marielle said...

I think you and Sam must be related. I'm sure you know how much he loves getting a great deal-he's always finding things for free or for cheap-it's basically his favorite thing to do! Funny. Hope you are doing well and that your kid doesn't eat any more fences.~Marielle

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