Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kentucky Fried Turkey?

Zak decided about 6 months ago that he wanted to fry our turkey for Thanksgiving. I was a little nervous because I have heard some interesting stories about people frying themselves while attempting to cook their turkey-but Zak has always been one to live on the edge. So, we watched a video all about turkey frying safety (didn't make me feel much better since it showed all the things that could possibly go wrong), and bought a cooker off of Craigslist. My family was here, so my dad and Zak had male bonding time risking their lives for dinner-I think they felt like cavemen or something-providing for the family. In the end, it only took an hour to cook the turkey and it was delicious!




TalĂ­n said...
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Katie Brown said...

My favorite part is the fire extinguisher right on hand in case they need it!

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