Thursday, November 30, 2006

I may be ten, but that doesn't mean I can't love you.

This is a song another teacher and I found on the playground during my first year of teaching. The author is unknown, as no one would ever fess up to writing it, but K-Fed should find this guy and have him write his lyrics-he might sell a few more tickets.

*The spelling has not been changed in order to keep the original integrity of the piece.

3.I maybe ten but that doesn't mean I can't love you.
Your friends are pist, I can't resist to try for you
If I bet the test would you except m-e (pronounced meeeeee?)
I'll always stand beside you even through the worst of times
Now and forever
My life is yours.
I look into your eyes
I just stare into them
Then I realized
You are the best
You are the one to put me to the test and I want to be your guy and I wonder...I would die to be yours
2. I met you last year and you were fi-ne
Yeah Ye-ah

Take that K-Fed. Much better than "Don't hate me cause I'm a superstar and I'm married to a superstar."


Anonymous said...

if zak thought "lose control" was bad, he HAS to hear "popozao"


Katie Brown said...

wow. touching. unfortunately it brought back some bad memories of my old love poems i used to write back in the day...

Annie said...

You need to send this to "Found" magazine.

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