Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What's Up Doc?

This past weekend, we went to Utah to stay with Zak's family. We had a wonderful time spending time with Jakson's grandparents and aunts, eating at favorite restaurants, and visiting with old friends. The fall colors are really beautiful! Utah actually has seasons. Jakson had fun being held and played with ALL THE TIME! We started feeding him carrots while we were there. He loved them! Grandma and I both had spoons and were shoveling them into his mouth as fast as we could. What a mess! Made for a cute picture though :)
Jak also had fun taking a bath in Grandma's huge bathtub! She had a new toy for Jak as well-Mega blocks. Jakson had a lot of fun sucking on them. He thought the package was great fun!


Annie said...

Why do kids always like the packages the toys come in better than the toys themselves? I think we're just going to give May a shoe box for her birthday.

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