Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trick or Treat

Last night was the ward's Halloween Party. We had a fun time visiting with our friends in the ward and eating free food. Zak even won a cupcake in the cake walk (he was the only adult participating-I don't think Jakson was a very good scapegoat). We bought Jakson a peapod costume (at a garage sale of course!) when he was about a month old, not knowing his energetic personality. He hated it! He left it on long enough for a couple of pictures and then started to eat the peas and yank the hood over his face in an attempt to get it off. He also wasn't happy about not having full movement of his legs. He was cute while it lasted though!


Anonymous said...

what a stud


fireverm said...

I think that was the best looking PEA I have ever seen. Also it has been commented by more than one individual that Jakson looks like Zack, poor child.

Dad V

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