Thursday, September 14, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I have finally taken pictures of our house! We still have tons of projects before it's completely done-there are still no curtains ANYWHERE and our bedroom paint isn't complete, but there are now a couple of rooms that are all done!
The typical Arizona stucco...

This is our living room-half of the room is sort of an entryway and the other half is living space. It has been sort of annoying to arrange everything because our furniture doesn't really fit, but I have been watching "FreeStyle" on HGTV :)

The entryway

The armoire is the bane of our existance. We have stripped and painted it three, count them THREE times and we are still not satisfied with the results.

Because our house is so small and doesn't have any coat or linen closets, we've had to come up with creative storage solutions.

We use these cubes as a coffee table and keep Jak's blankets and some movies in them.

These are old, empty paint cans that I use to store Jakson's toys.

Our breakfast nook


Anonymous said...

This child is so cute!!! He must take after me!

Melissa said...

Your house is adorable Bethy! How fun! I love your red accents.

Katie said...

way cute house bethy! i'm so jealous!

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