Friday, August 18, 2006

Welcome to the Jungle!

The first room that we painted when we moved into the house was Jakson's room. It is very similar to his room in Springville, but we added some more jungle creations. Zak and I found things at Salvation Army or Goodwill on half off days and made them jungley during "craft time" (Zak's favorite time of the day-no, really). The valance is made from a grass skirt, the lamp from a dirty lamp shade, some leaves from Michael's and a whole lot of hot glue (courtesy of my mother), and the photo board from a narly 80's abstract painting that no one else was going to buy. We are eventually going to put up gutters behind the glider to hold all of his picture books, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Why? Check out this website-it's great if you are interested in reading. Zak and I had a lot of fun decorating and are excited to get the rest of our house finished!


fireverm said...

I love the room. Great use of 'old stuff'. Gpa & Gma V.

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