Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jakson's Friend

Jakson has discovered a new friend that he can't sleep without. He received a "thumbie" blanket with a horse on it (I think that's what it is-it's lime green-like the horses in Wizard of Oz!!) from his Great Aunt Sherry and her family. Now he's decided that he can't sleep unless the horse is sitting on his head. It was sort of disturbing at first because I was afraid that he was going to suffocate, but I've gotten used to it. Sometimes when Zak and I walk past his room, we can hear Jak wrestling with the horse. I'm not really sure who wins, and frankly don't care, as long as he eventually falls asleep!

Finally asleep!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. This is a nice way to get our Jak fix!

Grandpa and Grandma C.

Annie said...

May sleeps with a blanket (that she can't sleep without) over her head, too! I used to go into her room at night and pull it down, but then like an hour later, when I'd check on her again (so I'm a worry-wart, ok? she had bad reflux for awhile) it would be back up on her face. She likes it when we cover her whole body with it before she goes to sleep. Yea for babies who like blankets on their heads! Our pediatricians (yes, the ones with all the SIDS posters on their walls) would be so proud!

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